Hi Guys, Just a note of appreciation for the good work you guys have done in trying to get Billing Project to Production. Extra thanks to SIQES TEAM who agreed to work over the weekend at the last minute notice. Good Work! I expect to see similar efforts going forward too. Thanks!

  • Senior QA Analyst.

Thank you all for the commitment and effort during our SI-ACT deployment. This was an extremely important milestone for the company with very high risk and you pulled it off. I can't comment enough on the value of your contributions, what it means to the company but more importantly to be a part of this powerful team. Thanks again.

  • Director, Software Development

Great work hitting the code freeze on schedule! On a side note we came in substantially under budget for this project. This was due to solid DEV integration testing which resulted in a low number of QC's (thus reducing number of builds and rework). Further reducing costs was the large amount of automated QA testing. Thanks to all!

  • Client Manager

Congrats and thanks to all of you who have contributed to our recent software release which will support our upcoming project pilot. We have aggressive dates and plans and your hard work on this first major release is a key step to our achieving them. Well done, thanks again, and keep your ear to the ground for our results!

  • Client Project Monitor

Talk about a team effort!!!! Thank you all! This project was all about the customer and we went above and beyond the call to ensure our customer achieved their goal of a June 1st go live. We do not want them all to be like this, but when we were called on, we did it. Congrats and thank you again! Best Regards,

  • CMA Go Live,Client

We'll be thinking of our friends and colleagues abroad when we toast the team's success.

  • Director, QA