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IAAS: Infrastructure As A Service

Organizations are experiencing exponential growth in their data storage requirements. The increased adoption of SMAC ( Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) as an intrinsic element of business strategy coupled with a move towards digitalization by businesses across industries is leading to an increasing demand for next-generation data centre infrastructure. SIQES NET Data Centre helps organization embrace this new digital wave by providing agile and dynamic IT infrastructure solutions. Our services help clients respond quickly to changing market needs and stay ahead of competition without compromising on profitability or costs. Our managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model have helped several clients, to scale up their businesses significantly with our highly cost efficient outsourced IT infrastructure services. With two Data centre facilities in Noida and Guwahati, with different seismic zones, we are well equipped to deliver a bouquet of data centre services to clients across industries. Our location, carrier neutral approach and proficient round-the-clock support services ensure that clients experience the lowest latency and highest uptime of their business critical IT assets.


Welcome to The World Of SIQES DC VPS Hosting

When a business is at a start-up stage, then it is always advisable to have a website hosting package which respects its randomness; when the marketing department is not sure about the traffic which the website may get in few days; when the sales and procurement department is guessing the number of orders it may receive. In such scenarios, our VPS hosting can be a great benefit for your business. There are several advantages of our VPS hosting such as flexibility, cost effectiveness and powerful features. If you receive a sudden burst of traffic, then you can use our on-demand service wherein resources would be added on your servers to optimally manage the traffic and subsequent business.

SIQES NET data Centre offers VPS hosting from India for all SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) as well as large corporations who are seeking flexible and dependable web hosting services at affordable pricing models.

Under the brand name SIQES NET, our best and cheap cloud VPS hosting servers are the most preferred and recommended web hosting for its performance oriented and result driven practice. Along with 99.95% uptime guarantee and 24X7 technical support which is available 365 days a year, our top notch website hosting solutions will surprise you with its efficiency and effectiveness.

In this age of cut throat competition and ever burgeoning targets, companies are spending millions of dollars to speed up their IT performance and ensure complete security of confidential company information. Until few years ago, there were huge amounts of investment made in maintaining and optimizing the IT infrastructure of any enterprise. But with advancement of technology, this is no longer the case.

Welcome to the world of SIQES DC Colocation Services

SIQES NET owns and operates two Data Centres located in Noida and Guwahati. Endowed with state of the art infrastructure, we deliver cutting edge colocation services which can take care of your servers and at the same time manage and optimize them

We support mission critical operations of your business with the help of our laser targeted and extremely knowledgeable team of technical experts that possesses years of experience in monitoring and managing data servers. We provide world class infrastructure and facilities which will ensure that your servers are always in the right hands.

With a guaranteed 99.95% of network uptime as per our SLA and 24X7 technical support, we are breaking the paradigms of this industry. We provide cutting edge colocation services under the brand name SIQES NET. For more details, please visit us at:

Welcome to the world of SIQES DC Dedicated Server Hosting

SIQES NET, offer a fleet of web hosting services and solutions to its clientele. Under the flagship of "SIQES NET", the organization provides powerful and result-oriented dedicated server hosting services to manage data and information of large websites, portals, ecommerce sites, social media networks and enterprise level organizations.

Dedicated server is an ideal solution for websites, portals and organizations that deal with huge volumes of data transfer and user-generated activity. In such a scenario, dedicated server comes to rescue, as the download and upload of data necessitates the need of a web hosting solution which is robust, reliable and result-oriented

Dedicated servers in India are gaining popularity, as the normal web hosting server cannot effectively manage such huge data centric activities. In the absence of powerful hosting solutions and dedicated servers, the organization's IT structure or the website may crumble down, leading to chaos and loss to the business. Dedicated server hosting services can magnificently address all these issues and ensure consistent performance and appropriate security measures for its clients.

With a rapid upsurge in the web traffic experienced by organizations, it is a wise decision to switch to dedicated servers hosting solutions, as it enables high performance deliveries along with the availability of need – based customizations.

We understand and appreciate that different businesses have diverse requirements. We analyse your current business requirements, and accordingly design a customized and tailor-made web hosting solution powered by dedicated servers. We ensure that our customers avail prompt technical assistance from our experts in the times of need. Our exclusive range of dedicated server hosting, encompasses best services and support in the industries across various domains